Ablative/Flak Suit


Military personal armour, effective against energy and ballistic personal weapons.


The development of personal armour has been a military necessity for hundreds of centuries. In the current era, the most popular armour materials are bullet-resistant and laser-ablative. Though each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages, ablative/flak armour is the most effective because it combines both types in one.

Light Ablative/Flak Suits absorb a total of 20 points of damage, and reduce by half the damage from ballistic or energy weapons. A light suit does not halve the damage from melee weapons. Light suits include pants and vest, pants and jacket, fatigues, a coat, or a heavy bulletproof vest. Light Ablative/Flak Suits can be concealed, or disguised as normal clothing.

Heavy Ablative/Flak Suits absorb 35 points of damage and reduce all weapons damage by one-half. A body suit also reduces the wearer’s movement by one half. Heavy suits include pants and jacket, pants and coat, or fatigues. Heavy Ablative/Flak Suits can not be concealed or disguised as normal clothing.

Ablative/Flak Suit

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