Warrior Cadet Tarna, Siberian Tiger, Adder E-UK pilot


Tall and lanky, but not lacking appropriate muscle for a warrior, Tarna is a young Siberian Tigress with orange colouration. She typically wears GBC Warrior Cadet fatigues when out of the cockpit, and the usual combat suit and neurohelmet when on the training field. Her main affectation is an obsidian panther pendant she wears around her neck on a chain at all times.


Warrior Cadet Tarna sees herself as a ristar and the future of Clan Ghost Bear. Despite the rumours that her bloodline includes Nova Cat DNA, she fiercely denies this and contends that her lineage is of a reputable (if obscure) branch of the founding families. Her fashion of wearing an obsidian panther pendant around her neck during battle has done nothing to help dispel the rumours, however.

Her choice of the Adder omnimech is seen as both appropriate and yet quirky in the training cluster. The chassis emphasises both slow speed and strength, but the unusual E-UK configuration provides extreme precision over raw firepower. Tarna insists that it is wasteful to fire shots that do not hit the enemy, and thus all warriors should aim for most accurate fire.

To the consternation of her trainers, her field manoeuvers express a preference for ambush tactics: she will often close with a foe covertly, wait until at point blank range, and then dash out in a sudden attack within the minimum range of her opponents weapons. While effective in training, it has yet to gain her victory over a real foe in battle.

Tarna expects to rise quickly through the ranks and hopes to one day achieve an influential command. It remains to be seen whether her ambitions outstrip her military prowess.


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