Nova Captain Xandrum, Tiger, Omnimech Pilot.


Name – Nova Captain Xandrum
Call-sign – Predator
Species – Tiger
Gender – Male
Galaxy – Beta Galaxy
Cluster – 304th Assault Cluster
Force – Predator Force Apex
Preferred Mount – Any Omnimech (currently Warhawk)

Nova Captain Xandrum lead an Omnimech Nova but after a successful Trial of Position this has been upgraded to a Binary. Xandrum is a selector seeking replacement pilots and elementals, and to expand his command. He has a reputation as an elitist and perfectionist, demanding the highest standards from himself and his subordinates. Xandrum’s star are also noted for a frequently shifting omnimech configurations and exchanging omnimechs for different chassises.


Commands an Omnimech nova, noted for shifting ’mech chassis composition. Seeking replacement elementals and pilots.


Six Claws, Five Points. Ristin Ristin