Six Claws, Five Points.

Round Three, The Quest (South) verses The The Melange (North)

Round Three, The Quest (South) verses The The Melange (North)

Map:  55×55 Dieron Airstrip

  • The flat terrain is ideal for a central airsrip and surrounded by scattered woods including an area of forest and an area of jungle to the south surrounded by some waterways.


The Quest deployed with Nola (in her sniper unit) securing the southern woods, Baine (in his tactical unit) preparing to advance up the west flank, Gil and Wynn (in their missile units) preparing to support each other on the east flank and then Renaria using the difficult jungle terrain as cover while providing sensor support. Renaria having the only jump capable unit gave her an advantage in the difficult jungle terrain.

The Melange debuted their re-arming to a pure Fire Moth star in this engagement, all aiming to exploit open terrain and close quickly to the airfield which they could use for tactical cover. Ironically The Quest chose this terrain thinking it would give advantages against an enemy with three Mist Lynx omnimechs.


Engagement Report:

Advancing up the west flank Baine (Adder B) saw Joshi (Fire Moth J-UK) and challenged him.  Baine also reported Corin's location (following and supporting Joshi) to Nola (Adder Prime) who challenged Corin (Fire Moth D).

Baine and Joshi began exchanging fire and Corin began maneuvering towards Nola attempting to close without risking Nola's superious long range firepower.

As Corin closed he caught sight of Renaria.  Anor (Fire Moth Prime) challenged Renaria (Mist Lynx P).  Nola managed to secure a firing solution and eliminated Corin, but not before taking some return fire.  Anor used the buildings as cover and exploited the speed of his Fire Moth to close to optimal range for his ER Medium Lasers and SRM systems, and managed to destroy right arm of Renaria's Mist Lynx and eliminating its ER Large Laser, after which he exploited his range advantage and defeated the newest member of The Quest.

Gil (Adder C) spotted Monterya (Fire Moth J-UK) and challenged.  As the pair maneuvered to engage Wynn (Adder A) spotted Nadira (Fire Moth G-UK) flanking to close to close range and challenged.  Wynn was able to secure cover and bring his weapons to bear, and release a powerful salvo of LRMs on Nadira, after which he was able to use his speed to escape the close range firepower of the now hobbled enemy unit and the eliminate it from a safe distance. 

Monterya and Gil dueled, with Monterya gaining the upper hand and exploiting the slower speed and lack of torso twist of Gil's heavier Adder omnimech, and secure a win.

On the west flank Baine and Joshi continued a cat and mouse engagement, ironically a series of close range passes despite both units having long range weapons.  Bain eventually gained the advantage when he broke cover and pursued Joshi on the second time Joshi withdrew and used a nearby tower as cover.  Catching the Fire Moth in the open Baine disabled its long range gun and then pursued and finished off his opponent.

Wynn challenged Monterya, largely to avenge Gil, and eliminated his opponent honorable at range.  This secured Wynn's second kill for the match.

Anor challenged Nola, and closed to point blank range to reduce her range advantage.  In the first exchange of fire Anor destroyed Nola's gyro, but Nola destroyed one of Anor's legs and arms.  This left a stalemate until Anor was able to rise then pulverise his opponent, securing his second win.

While Anor was struggling to get his 'mech upright, Wynn and Baine maneuvered to position but had no grounds to challenge Anor until Anor had eliminated Nola.  After this Wynn challenged Anor, but in the following exchange of fire Anor eliminated Wynn's 'mech before falling.  This left Baine the last unit standing.





Ristin Ristin

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