Six Claws, Five Points.

Session Seven

"But this isn't what we trained for..."

At the start of Day 8 Tarna, Dmitri and Daniel were woken by the base's alarm, as the prisoner had escaped.  Over the next hour the team got some details, not least of which that the embassy were ill prepared for an escape because their mindset was that of a military facility expecting external attack not covert infiltration.  Eventually the alert was lifted and Laborer Rico asked if he could leave and go home (and maybe get a lift). 

Makalu meanwhile was in the arms of the swan, Princess.  Dmitri called and woke Makalu and she was easily able to sneak away after leaving a note for Princess.  Between the pair they organized a rendezvous on the main rad well away from The Nest, the Birdbath and the back of the Birdbath.

Ivan the ibis drove the four cadets of The Sleuth and Laborer Rico back to Rico's dairy farm.  On the way there was a communication from the embassy asking about the cadet's locations at some specific times, but Tarna informed them that as far as she knew everyone was asleep before the alarm sounded.

At the farm Daniel and Dmitri went to the grave of Tanaka Hinata while Laborer Tanaka Rico hurried to contact his wife Ichika and to contact Scientist Tanaka Akari.  Makalu monitored the call, which seemed on the level. 

As Daniel and Dmitri exhumed the grave, Daniel found an old land mine and easily deactivated it.  He contacted Tarna who confronted Rico.  She pointed out that Rico had said he had buried his daughter himself.  Seeing that the masquerade was over Rico left his wife in the bedroom and moved past Tarna, but this was an opportunity to palm the medusa whip Tarna was carrying.  It was not Rico's preferred weapon, as it needed to strike unprotected skin (or unarmored clothing), but for his own reasons he was unwilling to use a lethal weapon upon the cadet.  This made their battle a one sided and quick affair, with Tarna using her pulse laser pistol to disarm her opponent.  Once he could no-longer resist, Rico swallowed a poison capsule and died at Tarna's feet.

Rico had been buying time for the prisoner who escaped, and had expected to be found out back at the embassy.  Using the cadets to get into the embassy, free the prisoner, then get himself and the cadets back to the farm was far better than Rico had expected…even relying upon warriors not being trained in counter-espionage.

Ichika had heard the gun fire, came out of the bedroom and saw her husband dead on the floor in a pool of blood, and with Tarna standing over him with her gun drawn.  She panicked, screamed, and ran.

The other three cadets had surrounded the farm house, and when Ichika fled out the back door Makalu held her fire and then followed.  Ichika was hysterical and running blindly (from tears) and fell into a gully.  When Makalu tried to grab Ichika she resisted and Makalu decided it was time to use some of the arsenal of chloroform. 

While Ivan and Makalu got Ichika restrained and loaded into the Packrat transport Tarna Dmitri and Daniel finished checking the grave.  They found the remains of a calf had been buried, and it seemed Tanaka Hinata's death had been faked.

During the return trip to LOST-B Tarna filed a report, and received a return communique with three cadet profiles.  Reynard the fox, Flint the capybara, and Panin the Snow Leopard.  Ruling out Flint (for being a rodent) and Reynard (for being some kind of dandy fop) Tarna decided upon Panin for her replacement teammate.

Panin was one of the next ten cadets, each un-teamed individuals who had not made the top thirty but had been taken to Strana Mechty as reserves for just such a situation.  She had been on routine patrols in her Adder omnimech as a training exercise and was summoned to LOST-B by Nova Captain Acorna Hall.

The meeting of Panin and The Sleuth was odd to say the least as Panin found her new teammates with an unconscious labourer and discussing how to use her as bait for a trap.  Makalu passed this off as a hazing ritual…which answered exactly nothing for Panin.  Seeing Panin carried a vibrokatana Tarna decided to spar with the new teammate and secured a narrow victory (three to two).

During this the rest of The Sleuth decided to send the new girl to get food since they were unwilling to leave their prisoner unsupervised.  On her way through the unfamiliar base Panin's old friend and sparring partner Xavier met up with her and took her to "The Bear Hug" (or was it the Bare Hug?) which is the current name of the unnamed club.  Along the way Panin saw a lot of familiar faces from the sibko.

Back in the hanger Daniel set up a series of concealed paint bombs triggered by trip wires (to render camo-sneak useless) and Makalu sourced and set up sensors.  After this The Sleuth started to wonder what happened to their fifth and to their food.  Tarna contacted Panin and asked her to return, and could only guess the reason Panin was on sub level six was due to being totally lost.

When Panin returned with the food confusion broke out as some noticed the presence of a stick under Ichika's chair.  The stick had a rough cloth wrapping at one end for a handle and seemed the right length to be Ichika's walking stick.  It also was a new element in a sealed room which had been monitored the whole time.  Makalu confirmed no heat signatures active in the room, except Ichika and the stick which was cooling down to room temperature.  The confusion deepend as Dmitri thought he had seen it appear, Tarna was not sure then thought it had newly arrived, Panin insisted the stick had been there the whole time, Makalu only confirmed she saw the stick now, and Daniel thought it had not been there all along but he had to have it.  Tarna called in some of the elemental cadets, who she had had on high security, and they used their Elemental Battle Armor to check for NBC attack and found nothing.  Elemental Cadet Team Leader Hendrick was convinced the stick was new, but his second in command Leon insisted the stick had been there the whole time.  They began arguing, and when Tarna suggest they check the suit gun cam records both insisted their gun cam footage proved their version.  Meanwhile The Sleuth argued, getting more heated until Tarna fired a warning shot to stop Daniel trying to open the door. 


GM Note – I did carefully keep track of who was watching the prisoner and at no time was she left unattended, goat damnit…  _



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