Lemming Trinary

Lemming Trinary is the persistent nickname given to a pool of Clan Ghost Bear warriors stationed on Strana Mechty in between long term assignments.  This conveniently makes the warriors and their hardware available to Nova Captain Acorna Hall for use in the sibko training program.


Trinary Roster

  • (TBD)


Character Creation

The characters will be Clan Ghost Bear warriors, typically with the rank of point commander.  Some will be trueborn others freeborn.  

Unlike the sibko cadets character generation will not be preset.

Until derailed and expanded by player characters, the following branch of service options are available:

  • Trueborn Mechwarrior - Battlemech or Omnimech Point
  • Trueborn Elemental – Battle Armor Point
  • Freeborn Mechwarrior - Battlemech or Omnimech Point
  • Freeborn Vehicle Commander – VTOL Vehicle Point
  • Freeborn Vehicle Commander – Ground Vehicle Point

And also:

  • Trueborn Elemental (retrained) – Battlemech or Omnimech Point (Damnit Dilph ^_^ )


Players will need to provide the following:

  1. Selection of a branch of service option
  2. Selection of wether you are Trueborn or Freeborn
  3. A name (first only for non-bloodnamed trueborns, first and last for freeborns)
  4. A gender 
  5. An idea what extra-curricular interests the character has (things like hobbies, interests, and an individual personality).  Refer to the Five Points Suggestions page.
  6. A terran normal animal species (UPDATE – A terran normal animal species which is multi-cellular and preferably a vertebrate.)  There are no trueborn humans but there are freeborn humans.  Refer to the Species Templates page.
  7. The characters are part of Clan Ghost Bear and receive the following bonus skills:  Trueborns get Negotiation (1 point), Protocol – Clan Ghost Bear (1 point), Career – Clan Soldier (1 point), Survival – Arctic – 1 point).  Freeborns get Negotiation (1 point), Protocol – Clan Ghost Bear (1 point) or Streetwise – Clan Ghost Bear (1 point), Career – Clan Soldier (1 point), Survival – Arctic (1 point) or Survival – Urban (1 point)…or a combo of 4 equivalent skills to model their non-warrior-caste origins (by negotiation with the GM).


Lemming Trinary

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