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Six Claws, Five Points




This campaign will cover the training and first tour of duty of a group of Clan Ghost Bear Trueborn Mechwarriors. 

The first segment of the game will be a series of training games using the Classic Battletech rules to familiarize players with the game system and provide some highlights (and maybe lowlights) of the character's training.  Megamek will be trialed as well, and you will need Logmein Hamachi also. 

The second segment of the game will be the main part, after the training program and using the Mechwarrior 2 rules (as well as the Classic Battletech rules and Megamek).

By popular demand this will be a (cosmetically) furry game.

Players might find Solaris Skunk Werks the 'mech design program helpful.


Character Creation

The characters will be Clan Ghost Bear Trueborn Mechwarriors.  This means born from an artificial Iron Womb and raised solely since then to be an elite Mechwarrior of the clan. 

Most of the mechanics other than some elective skills (to round out the characters) will be pre-generated.  After all the characters will all have been produced from the Iron Wombs and raised in the same training program.

Players will need to provide the following:

  1. A first name (you are given no last name, you need to earn it later)
  2. A gender 
  3. An idea what extra-curricular interests the character has (things like hobbies, interests, and an individual personality)
  4. A terran normal animal species (UPDATE – A terran normal animal species which is multi-cellular and preferably a vertibrate.)
  5. Go to Character Creation

House Rules

  1. Armed Combat skill covers the use of bladed melee weapons (formerly Blade skill) and blunt melee weapons (formerly not covered by any skill).
  2. Armor does not reduce movement unless layered, in which case the most severe reduction applies.
  3. Armor system modifications.  A ) The damage resistance provided by armor is applied before applying damage to armor ablative hit points and character hit points.  B ) The damage resistance provided by armor continues once the armor's ablative hit points are used.  C ) All damage goes to the armor ablative hit points (for a given location) before the character's hot points.


Pilot Roster

  • Sapphire, female hippopotamus.  Player Character of Jagafeh.
  • Kaoru, male sea horse.  Player Character of Sebkha.
  • Tarna, female tiger.  Player Character of Kell.
  • (TBA), female snow leopard.  Player Character of Whyrl.




Clan Factions

Clans active in year 3050.


Inner Sphere Factions

Known Inner Sphere factions.  Based on information available to the Clans in 3050 and records from the Exodus of 2781.





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